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The world leading range of award winning computer business simulations (business games) and design services based on extensive, practical training experience and research into design and use. Decision and outcome rich simulations that ensure the critical thinking necessary to make the decisions that lead to business and personal success. Business simulations grounded in award winning research and honed and validated in the classroom so that they deliver effective, efficient and consistent learning that is exciting, engaging fun!. Simulations that take experiential learning beyond reality to a new level.

Business Simulations to learn about:
Business Acumen
Leadership & Strategy
Tactics and Efficiency
Planning Simulations
Functional Simulations
Process Simulations
Business Concepts
Sales Negotiation

Business Simulations for you to run yourself
Leading edge Tutor Support System allows you to run our simulations yourself meaning lower cost and better learning.
Learn More about running business simulations

Business Simulation design & customisation services
If there is no simulation to meet your exact needs our award winning platform and design methodology ensures quality and low cost.
Learn More about design and customisation

Business Simulation Knowledge Base
Choosing a business simulation
Simulation and Learning
Simulation Use Practicalities
Simulation Use Examples
Simulation Design Theory
Papers and Articles
Free Design Book

We won the World of Learing award because our exceptional designs and because these were made available to trainers throughout the industry.

Innovation award recognising the way our software platform speeded development and customisation while enhancing business learning.

Designs that are grounded in award winning researches into simulation structure, design methodology and learning process.

Jeremy Hall receiving his Churchill Fellowship from British Prime Minister John Major for his study of business simulation use for company training

Award for Work

Award for Innovation

One Research Award

Churchill Fellowship Award

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