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Since 1970 Jeremy has developed 69 different simulations and used these for company training around the world thousands of times.

Over that time he has used all generation of "personal computers" from his desk from Computer Time-Sharing (accessing a computer over phone lines from a type-writer type terminal at 110 bits/second to a computer with 15 Kbytes) through all generations of microcomputers (from A Tandy TRS80 Model 1 in 1980 with 48 Kbytes Ram and two 80 Kbytes floppy disk) to today's computers.

Prior to 1970 and following an engineering degree from Imperial, London he worked in manufacturing for GE in the USA before returning to the UK to launch and market p;the first, on-line interactive corporate/financial modeling package (PA300) where he advised large UK corporates of financial modeling. He then moved into executive education with Honeywell Information Systems and then on to teach marketing at Ashridge before going on his own

His eclectic business experience (engineering, manufacturing, marketing and financial consulting) played a significant part in his ability to design business simulations to address an exceptionally wide range of business learning needs and industries - manufacturing, service, retail, distribution, banking, not-for-profit and even casinos (note the banking simulation is not an amalgam of the not-for-profit and casino simulations!).

His life-long learning interests are in improving the design and use of business simulations to deliver adult (andragogic) learning rather than for academic education.

He has received multiple awards for his work.

Additionally, his contribution to the business simulation knowledge-base led to him be awarded and ABSEL Fellowship (their only practitioner, non-professorial fellow) and being on the editorial board of the world's foremost simulation journal - Simulation & Gaming

Jeremy receiving his Churchill Fellowship Award from British Prime Minister John Major Jeremy's innovation award for his business simulation platform

One of Jeremy's best paper awards

Jeremy's prestigious award for his contribution to the training industry. An award that also recognises the role of business simulation.
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