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This page contains one or more activities provided for you to use freely. These we call these savouries (or in the colonies - savories) to differentiate them from cookies! (A savoury is a piquant dish served at the beginning or end of dinner as a stimulant or digestive (The Concise Oxford Dictionary) - if you like the term and its use in this context please use it on your web site (you may wish to show your appreciation by including a reference to its source and a link to this site!!))


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All downloads are in Microsoft Word format and are formatted for A4 paper. You may duplicate, reformat and use these materials freely provided you retain all copyright notices and references to the source.

Distribution Budget

This paper based exercise is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to explore and understand basic financial accounts (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow) for a distribution type company. The activity takes between an hour and an hour and a half. The activity was derived from the DISTRIBUTION CHALLENGE computerized simulation. It can be used on its own or used as a precursor to Distribution Challenge.

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Shape Up

This is a fun icebreaker where people attempt to create pictures of people from circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and their imagination.

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Communication Case

The purpose of this business case is to stimulate discussion about good and bad business communication and investigate some basic concepts (such as Transaction Analysis) and the choice of words and phrases that present a bad image or annoy (irritate) the reader.

There are no right or wrong answers to the case and, perhaps, the most important aspects are the two questions (What do you do to ensure good communication? What does your organisation do to ensure good communications?)

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From One-Dimensional Management Teaching to Multidimensional Management Development

These notes cover a brief review of simulation and adult learning; a detailed discussion of the multidimensional session planning model; short descriptions of the ways simulations are used and a session planning worksheet. The paper draws on experience running computer simulations more than two thousand times and discussions with trainers and human resource executives. The paper was part of a presentation at the 1998 ASTD Conference.

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The Really Scary Game

This Ice-Breaker involves the group suggesting scary things. The scary things chosen should be tongue in cheek and funny. For instance, the trainer might start the activity by mentioning some of the following: Buying a card for mother's day, taking your sister's (or brother's) children shopping, taking you partner clothes shopping .... etc. Try to get each course member to provide two or three scary things. Write the list on a flip chart and when enough scary things are listed rank them as scary, really scary and really, really scary! Finally, choose the most scary thing and award a small prize to the person who suggested it (the prize should be scary - like for instance a rubber chicken key ring or cuddly toy).

An alternative to the Really Scary Game, is the Really Silly Game.

Courting Disaster - the Jury Bored Game

This board or bored game was developed during a period of Jury Service. It is designed to allow you to experience Jury Service without having to go to court and prepare you for jury service if you ever have to do it. Besides the board (showing the instructions) that you can printout, you will need a die and counters for each player. I could say enjoy but you might accuse me of lying.

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