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I believe passionately in using business simulations for learning in the classroom, where small teams share knowledge and where the process is managed by a tutor. This page provides example of common course use and links to further resources to help you.











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Not only have I probably designed more business simulations than anyone else but my experience running business simulations more than two thousand times with literally tens of thousands of business people around the world provides a unique knowledge base that to share with you on this and the following pages. But having said that, if the information here does not answer or address your question please contact me.

And, if you need ideas about ways to use business simulations click here.

Business Simulations to develop Business Acumen

How and why companies have used business simulations to develop business acumen, understanding how a business works and basic financial knowledge..

Business Simulations to develop Financial Acumen

How companies have used business simulations on courses to develop financial acumen and knowledge to enable their staff to understand the financial consequences of their actions.

Business Simulations for Sales Management

How companies have used business simulations on courses for Sales Management to move them from a box shifting mentality towards acting to grow profits and revenue.

Business Simulations on Marketing Courses

How companies have used business simulations on marketing courses see how the marketplace can be influenced in ways that lead to commercial success.

Business Simulations for Team Building

How companies have used business simulations to build their teams and develop team working skills with a focus on business success.

Business Simulations for Operations Management

How companies have used business simulations on operations management courses to build knowledge of manufacturing and other core business operations.

Extending Learning "Half-life"

You spend a lot of money on your staff learning about business, finance, marketing etc. but over time this learning declines as people forget or the learning schema become damaged.

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