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Information about several consultants who have used our business simulations regularly as part of their offering. Also, we provide information about other services and organisations that you may find of use.











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Below we list some training providers and organisations who make use of or support business simulation use.

Organisation Services
The Chakiris Group A firm that applies whole systems design to organizations to help systems wide changes and leadership development. Their competencies are in organizational development, learning applications using simulations and action learning designs.
Management Development Consultants Specialises in the training and development of middle and senior managers in a wide variety of competencies from behavioural skills to finance and business acumen. They have very considerable experience using our simulations on their courses.

SAGSET The Society for the Advancement of Games and Simulations in Education and Training is a voluntary is professional society, committed to furthering the development and adoption of simulations and games across multiple disciplines in education and training.

Membership is free and there is an annual conference where academics and training providers can share knowledge, experience and best practice.

ABSEL - The Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning is, perhaps, the world's premier organization for academics and professionals developing and promoting innovative and effective methods for teaching and developing business.


ISAGA - The International Simulation and Gaming Association is an international organization uniting professionals from across the world and from diverse disciplines who engage in the research, design and application of gaming and simulation and related methods.


The Chakiris Group



Improving business performance with

Management Development Consultants Ltd.

We are an independent management consultancy specialising in the training and development of middle and senior managers in a wide variety of competencies from behavioural skills to finance and business acumen. We work with international companies both in the UK and overseas to develop the skills of their senior and middle managers.

Our tutors are skilled in facilitating discussions to ensure that participants continually relate to how things happen in practice in the organisation. Class sizes are small, typically 12-18 per programme (4-6 per syndicate), enabling help to be given with specific delegate issues.

For further details

Management Development Consultants at
Contact: John V. Pearson

Telephone: (44)
01628 483717 
Address: 51 Pound Lane, Marlow-on-Thames, Bucks SL7 2AZ, UK

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