Sponsoring the development of training and educational products provides a unique opportunity to promote an organisation, its concern for developing individuals, organisations and the economy in a focused and low cost way.

Over the years we have been involved in many sponsored developments in the following categories:

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Management Contests

We have been involved in management contests at several levels thus:

International Contests
We designed and ran the simulations used by the Benson & Hedges Management Challenge in the Arabian Gulf. With over five thousand contestants each year this was possibly the world's largest management contest and with each member of the winning team receiving prizes worth more than $10,000 probably the world's most valuable contest. Equally valuable was the editorial coverage obtained. This amounted to more than eleven thousand column centimetres (about four and a half thousand column inches) each year!
National Contests
We have run several national management contests in the UK. Contests that were sponsored by organisations such as the Engineer Magazine, the Engineering Council and Honeywell.
Local Contests
We are regularly involved in contests sponsored by trade organisation and chambers of trade. These provide opportunities for managers from small companies to test their management skills and build relationships with the sponsoring organisation.
In-company Contests
Here we provide a simulation to be run in-company in the participants' spare time or as part of their graduate recruitment programme.

Courses & Training Initiatives

Although we do not normally undertake general training we have been involved in developing and running courses where simulations are the main theme or, in conjunction with other consultants developing and running training packages. Again this provides an opportunity for you to build relationships with your customers and suppliers.

Simulation Development

Where we develop a new simulation for you and you allow us to add it to our product portfolio you get three benefits. First, you obtain a simulation that exactly meets your needs. Second, because you are allow us to use the simulation elsewhere, you get the development at very low cost. Third, your organisation's name is mentioned in the documentation. (Although, unlike own brand simulations, the simulation is identified as a Hall Marketing product.)

Own Brand Simulations

Here, the simulation is branded with your organisation's or product's name (although we are named as designers and retain intellectual rights.) Under these circumstances, you sponsor the development, provide marketing support and subsidise the product. This means that it is possible for use to proved simulations at very low cost for, example, use in schools.

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