Accessing the full version of my business simulations

This page explores how you can turn the downloaded evaluation version of the business simulation in to the full version of the simulation to use on your course.











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Release Code
The full version of the business simulation is enabled by entering a code that will turn the evaluation version of the business simulation into the full version of the business simulation for an agreed period. At the end of this period the business simulation will revert to the evaluation (demonstration) version.
This shows the release time relative to your course.
The diagram above shows the release and code entry periods relative to your course. I am always happy to release the full version of the simulation a few days before you need to use it on your course so that you are completely happy with it. (An extend the period a few days after the scheduled end of you use - in case anything slips.) I will inform you of the start of the release period and you must enter the code within four days of this date.
Release Process
When you are ready to use the business simulation on your course you should contact us and we will E-mail the release code for you to enter, When the simulation is run you will be asked:

Other Information
  1. The Registration Code must be entered within four days of the release date.
  2. For annual academic licenses you must install and release on all the computers you intend to use at the start of the year. If you delete the installation or wish to use on another computer during the year you will need another release code.
  3. You should be careful not to confuse 0 (zero) with O (letter Oh) and 1 (number one) with I (letter i).
  4. Please email to get the release code some time before the course is due to run.
  5. If necessary the period of full use can be extended. If this is necessary all that is necessary is to get another release code from us - all existing team data is retained and is accessible when the period is extended.
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