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Here we tell you about Hall Marketing and it's owner Jeremy Hall.

Why we are the best source of simulations for you


Creativity, Innovation and Learning

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Choosing the right business simulation
Here you can explore how you can choose the best simulation to meet your training needs, explore our range of business simulations and narrow the search  so that you find the best business simulation.

Learning Needs
Manner of Use

Simulations "off-the-peg"


Tailoring (customising) a Business Simulation


Bespoke (new) Business Simulation design


Full Version Access

Prices and Terms  
Running a Simulation for you  

Train the Trainer


Support for Training Providers


Support for schools and universities


Our Business Simulations

We have a comprehensive range of simulations covering  virtually every training need and industrial situation. These are organised into several families that address similar needs and have similar durations.

Families of Business Simulations

The Challenge Series
Extended Challenges
The Strategy Series
The Tactical Series
The Functional Series
The Concepts Series
Planning Simulations
Process Simulations
Enhanced Negotiation Role Plays

Alphabetical list of Business Simulations  

List of Business Simulations organised by duration


List of Business Simulations organised by functional content


List of Business Simulations organised by management level


Business Simulations for you to run.


Business Simulations we run for you


Learning and Simulations
These pages explore the learning models and issues associated with using simulations for management development and business training of business people.

Types of Business Simulation


Ways of Using Simulation


Learning Needs Model

Exploring Knowledge
Developing Skills
Motivational Aspects
Assessing Needs
Enhancing Learning

Adult (andragogic) Learning Model


The "Learning Ladder"

Business Success
Practicing Decision-Making
Creating Wisdom
Building Experience
Knowledge Practice

Managerial Competency Models  

Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle


Bloom's Taxonomy


Cognitive Load Theory


E-learning and Computer Aided Management Education

Team Learning Model  
Tutor Managed Learning Model  
Deep Smarts  

Systems Dynamics Process Model




Tutor Support System

Help System
Decision Screen
Tutor's Audit
Team Commentary


Corporate Cartooning Paradigm


The Rock Pool Method™


Lean Learning



Design Paradigms

Design Philosophy

These pages explore how we ensure that our simulation designs deliver effective, efficient and consistent learning.

Design Focus


Design Prerequisites


Design Structure

The Model Domain
The Interaction Domain
Relationships - Decisions, Model and Results

Simulation Versions


Tutoring Support


System Dynamics


Software Aspects

Direct Use Simulations
Tutor Mediated Simulations
Negotiation Simulations

Published Research  

Using Business Simulations
Here we provide advice and ideas for using simulations for business training .

Ways of Using Simulations
Here we provide ideas about ways of using simulation, why they are used in this way and the issues associated with using them in these ways .

Course Finale
Course Starter
Course Theme
To Reinforce a Topic
As a Break
Stand Alone
Conference Games
Development/Assessment Centres
Spare Time Learning
Graduate Recruitment
Promotional Contest

  Deciding your needs
Information about how you should specify your development needs in terms of learning needs, durations, target audiences and manner of use. The link takes you to a worksheet that you can download and complete. The following links explore the topic in greater detail.
Learning needs
  Manner of Use
  Exploring the simulations
Information to help you navigate through the over forty simulations on this site in the quickest and most effective manner.
By example
  By duration & contents
  By simulation family
  Narrowing the search
After getting a short list of possible simulations this section explores how you can narrow the search for the right simulation
View the Participants Manual
  Download the Simulator

Decide the best simulation
At this stage you may have found a simulation that currently exists, or one that you feel could be made to fit or feel that your problem is unique and so you need one developed for you.

  The Practicalities
This explores the practicalities of use of your chosen simulation.
Tutoring Needs
  Computer System Needs
Full Version Access
  Examples of business simulation use
On general management courses
On financial appreciation courses
On marketing management courses
For sales management
On operations management courses
For assessment
For team building and motivation
For customer and community relations

Information and ideas to help trainers provide better business learning in the classroom.


Information about regular users of our simulations and professional simulation and gaming societies

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